Come Close to the Edge
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Close to the Edge

The Search…

How many people spend their lives searching for meaning in their lives? Searching for answers. Searching for themselves?

The answers do not lie in something or someone else. They won't be found in a book, a religion, practice or belief. The answers can only be found within each of us. Stop looking on the outside and start looking in.

We have created a very superficial existence, existing on the surface instead of living deeper more thoughtful fulfilled lives. We are so consumed by and addicted to the stimuli of the surrounding physical world that we are oblivious to the reality and power of thought that lies within.

We have elevated our need for personal status, power and material objects almost to a moral imperative. We are so focused with how we look on the outside, that we are moving further and further away from who we are on the inside. Personally and socially, we have lost our ability to think. We have lost sight of each other and ourselves.

Confidence in ourselves and thought are the two fundamental things that seem to be missing from us as a species. We are living in a world where we identify who we are with everything except, who we are.

We are suffering from a fundamental lack of self and it is directly affecting our world and our lives. How do we change the direction we are heading? How do we get back on the right path?

We start with thought. Thought is the fabric of who we are, our existence our consciousness, our spirit.




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